Map Data

Map Data, developed by Andes, consists of a high quality set of geographical files for use in intelligent routing and navigation applications.

Andes allows raw data to be aggregated from different sources, to produce an optimal data set that can be used in geographical software applications. For Map Data outside the Netherlands, Andes is an official partner of HERE (formerly Navteq).

Map Data Screenshots

Vector Data

All Andes products are based on the vector data file. It contains the complete basic map of the Netherlands, including additional information such as street names, terrain information, house number series and routing information. Do you need to make an accurate analysis of your customers? Do you want to combine the power of vector data with an application you have designed yourself? Or calculate accessibility and optimization? No problem! Our information is complete and compatible, making all of these easy to achieve. In the vector file, data is recorded as lines, points and areas, in a collection of x and y coordinates, producing an ‘intelligent’ map with several layers of information superimposed on top of each other. All the information is immediately visible and available for use!

Sorts of vector data

There are 4 sorts of vector data sets available for the Netherlands:

Basic Vector

  • Andes line data only
  • Limited range of attributes
  • Chains representing roads, with road sort and name as the most important attributes 

Basic Vector + Navigation

  • All line information including Andes’ navigation attributes
  • Line data (such as chains) does not include house number details

Basic Vector + House numbers

  • Line information with limited attributes, including house number series on both sides of the street.

Basic Vector + Navigation + House numbers

  • All line information with complete attributes, including house number series for both sides of the street

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